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Sex, Love & War: the enemy

Sex, Love & War : the enemy

Grüß Gott !

During the Second World War English women deceived their husbands and fraternized with Germans. / Uktv History / Sex, Love & War / Video / Episode 4 / WWII documentary /

„ In occupied Europe opportunities existed for men and women to have sex with the enemy, but in Britain very few had any direct contact with Germans. Among the exception were those living on the Channel Islands. At the beginning of July 1940 less than a month after the fall of Dunkirk, Nazi forces landed on Guernsey.“

„ With thousands of male farmers called up to fight, the women’s land army recruited girls from all forks of life to work on the fields. Designer Laura Clark from Leicester was one of them and while she hated the work, she had no idea that her new job on a farm would one day lead to a passionate relationship with a German prisoner.“

„ Despite the dislike of farm work, Laura began a friendship with Lawrence, the son of the farm manager.“

„ – Lawrence used to sometimes come and take me out, and we would go for walks… and we became friends… and he was very nice and then he asked me if I wanted to marry him… and in the end I gave in… I said I would. „

„ But as Laura and Lawrence smiled for the photographer, they were blissfully unaware that within months their marriage would be rocked by the most extraordinary love affair.“

„ At the beginning of the war, there were only two prison camps in Britain, ready to hold German POWs. By the end of the fighting there would be over 600, and by 1946 nearly 170.000 were involved in agricultural labour.“

„ In Leicester two German prisoners were sent to work with Laura Clark and her husband on their farm. (…) One of the prisoner made a great impression on Lawrence because of his attitude to his labours. That man was Willy Forst.“

„ – He has been so brainwashed in the German army, he did everything at the double. And then Lawrence was all excited, he said : „ Oh ! that young German, he knows how to use the sieve, oh! he can work well !“

„ – And then my husband said : “ He seems a decent sort of chap, shall we have him in the house to have his meal with us ? “

„ After several weeks Laura began a friendship with Willy that would have devastating consequences on her marriage.“

„ – It was gradually, I begin to fancy him.“

„ In Leicestershire the love affair’s farmer’s wife Laura Clark had a passionate relationship with German prisoner Willy Forst. For a respectable married woman, fraternizing with the enemy was an enormous risk to take.“

„ – I used to see him whenever I could. I used to go out to his house to teach him English. We didn’t get a lot of English taught, I must say. And then we used to go out riding on the horses. And then we could go off down the fields to the spinnies where nobody was about. And then we could make love.“

„ – When you are doing something wrong, somehow there is an excitement in it. “

„ In Leicester the love affair’s farmer’s wife Laura Clark was having with German prisoner POW Willy Forst was becoming more and more intense. „

„ – Well, I loved him very much, I loved his accent, I loved him, the way he treated me, every thing, I had fallen in love with him, very much.“

„ As their feeling for one another grew stronger, and worring that they may be soon separated, Laura made a shocking decision :

„ – and that why I took this step, very big step, dangerous step : to have his baby.“

„ Within weeks Laura received the news, she was pregnant with Willy’s baby. But as far as her husband was aware, the baby was his.“

„ Shockingly, Laura was not alone in her decision to have a baby with the enemy. On Guernsey official figures estimate some 140 illegitimate babies born during the Occupation were fathered by Germans. “

„ – I said : ,“ Willy, I am not going to let you go back to Germany. I said : „ I am coming with you now, I am going to tell Lory. “

„ In the 1940s the very thought that a respectable married woman would leave her husband for a German soldier was almost beyond imagination. But for love Laura Clark was prepared to risk everything.“

„ After months of deceiving her husband by having a love affair with a German POW and giving birth to his baby, Laura Clark decided it was time to tell the truth. Once she admitted her adultery, her husband Lawrence demanded to know the name of her lover. He could scarcely believe what he was told.“

„ – He could not believe it, he could not, he could not take it in that it was him.“

„ – And he said : „Well, our German prisoner, well, he certainely made hay while the sun shone, …“

„ But worse was to follow. Lawrence had always believed their young daughter to be his.“

„ – And he said: „ Where will you go ? I said : „ I don´t know, got to find somewhere, some farm where we could go to. “

„ – He said : „ Well, you are not going to take the baby with you ?!

„ – I said : „ I am ! “

„ – You are not ! “ he said. He stays with me ! “

„ – I said : „ No ! “ ” Then I had to tell him.”

„ – He could not believe that either. He could not. It was a terrible time. I hated it. I’d hate to do that again.“

„ – And then, I think, he said in the end : „ Well, I think I am going to make another cup of coffee ! “

„ – He was a gentleman, he was very good, he was a good man. Like he said : „ I’m either a saint or a bloody fool.“


He was a saint and a bloody fool. She was …

Claire GRUBE



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